OctopusGrilled octopus, flavoured with rosemary
and turnip leaves mixed with traditional corn bread breadcrumbs
CodfishCodfish with dried tomato crust, potatoes and turnip leaves18.00€
CodfishFresh codfish with mashed chickpeas with smoked pork sausage16.00€
CodfishGrilled codfish with potatoes and portuguese cabbage (minimum 2 persons)35.00€
CodfishCodfish Gomes de Sá style15.00€
SeabassGolden seabass with lobster “açorda” and broccolis19.50€
Fish and Seafood “Cataplana” (copper pot) with mixed fish, seafood and mediterranean scents (minimum 2 persons)50.00€
MonkfishMonkfish rice with shrimps and coriander17.00€
BreamGolden bream, potatoes with garlic and aromatic salad15.00€
SoleGrilled sole with sautéed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower 19.00€